Helpful Videos

The videos below cover the importance of having a broad spectrum team of advisors for your medical practice.

Chris outlines the importance of a dental / healthcare specific CPA. He details the Crossroads process and how picking the right CPA can make a difference for when you can retire and can keep you safe from an audit.

Tom talks about how you should approach wealth management. Learn about how he works with the other members of a doctor’s team and what you should look for when choosing the right person to help you manage your finances.

Tom discusses the lending process, how to pick the right lender, the differences between banks, and how Provide helps a doctor through the lending process.

Larry discusses what a practice management consultant can do for your practice, why you might need one, and how to pick the right one.

Robyn talks about her role as a human resources consultant. She outlines how she supports a doctor to make sure they are considering everything they need when it comes to HR.

Eric discusses Pain-Free Dental Marketing’s approach to helping their clients. He covers how they define success, when is the right time to hire a marketing firm, and what you should do today to get started.

Joe talks about his role as an attorney in the dental space. He discusses some of the upfront organization an attorney does and some of the reasons to have legal counsel as part of your team.

One of the biggest issues facing the dental community is the lack of hygienists. Listen to Crossroads’ Jason Hite talk with Sherry Foster from Legacy Practice Transitions about how they are helping to solve the problem in 2024.

Listen to Jason and Doug discuss the importance of having a strategic coach for your dental practice.