A New Method Of Accounting

Traditional accounting doesn’t work for a health care practice. It’s like driving while looking in the rear-view mirror, you don’t get very far. Most accounting firms lag far behind in reconciling business financials, resulting in practice data that is months old. By reconciling your books monthly with solid health care specialized charts of accounts, Crossroads gives you real-time advice that can change the course of your practice.

Crossroads connects your accounting to a secure, cloud based server, your data is protected and can be accessed on-demand 24 hours a day. Now you can connect your accounting, payroll, practice analysis and meeting apps, keeping your entire practice up-to-date in real-time, with health care accounting experts available when you have questions or need advice.

Why Work with Us?

The Crossroads Tax team is your partner in achieving both business and professional goals related to your health care practice. We understand the complexities and daily cash flow challenges that are unique to any medical practice and can work with you to streamline your financial management.

  • Industry expertise: Our team not only provides decades of accounting expertise, but also extensive experience serving the health care industry. We are experts at accounting, but we also understand the unique accounting needs of health care practices.
  • Year-round accounting support and expertise: Our expert team serves as your “internal” accounting department, handling everything from accounting and bookkeeping to payroll and tax. We also offer timely, proactive advice to keep you running smoothly.
  • Modern accounting solutions for health care: We work hard to stay ahead of the latest technologies to ensure that our firm operates at peak efficiency and that you receive exceptional service. Our advanced online platforms allow us to handle your accounting work remotely and provide you with a 24/7 connection to our expert team.
  • Time-savings: Experience exponential time savings when you outsource your accounting and free yourself from time-draining, highly complex compliance work— time better spent with your dental practice and customers.

At Crossroads Tax Advisors, our accounting systems have been built from scratch for health care. Because we use cutting-edge technology, our accounting process allows us to take all the administration off the desk of health care professionals and let them concentrate on the needs of patients.

We manage the day-to-day bookkeeping with cloud-based technology that everyone can access in real-time. We create custom profit and loss reports, built specifically for your practice, and deliver them monthly to keep our finger on the pulse of the health of your practice. Managing data accurately and quickly allows our accounting team to be pro-active and offer advice in real-time about growing your business. With accurate and timely practice data, we can accurately advise on cash flow, tax estimates and profitability.