What our customers are saying about Crossroads Tax Advisors

Dr. Cameron Conkin
"We have been very pleased working with Crossroads Tax Advisors. Chris and his team are always available to answer any questions or bounce ideas. Our financials come like clockwork and are easy to understand . The bottom line is clearly stated and the comparisons to how we are doing now versus this time last year is a great resource.”

Dr. Robert Stark
Crossroads Tax Advisors provides me with the professional services I need and doesn't try to push unneeded services like some firms out there. They understand me and have been very accommodating and easy to work with.

Dr. Martin Barco
"Everything is taken care of from the background on the weekly, monthly and yearly basis...that also include tax planning, tax projections... it allows me to spend more time to run my business, more time with my family... its less stressful because I know that accounting is being done properly ..."

Dr. Daryle Mahnke
"I think Crossroads Tax is a great accounting firm and if people are looking for a new accountant, they should give them a shot... The biggest impact is the planning... trend analysis and being able to project things in the future are the best experience I had in my career... Offloaded bookkeeping gives me more time to focus on the other things that I need to work on in the practice..."

Dr. Meredith Smedley