The Dental Practice Health Assessment: A Roadmap for Practice Care

When a dental practice needs help with a broken system or process within their dental business, they should carefully examine the whole practice – much like a person’s health, it’s all tied together.

When a dentist discovers an area of their dental business that is need of some care, they’ve clearly identified that there is a problem and they might quickly and eagerly seek a solution.  Now, before you dive in to fix it, we suggest you stop, back up, and take a 40,000-foot view to assess the entire practice. Problems in a dental business are not unlike problems in a patient’s mouth. One cause of pain could be the result of several other, tangent but related, problems that are causing it - dominos so to speak.

A dentist that completes a comprehensive oral exam with each patient is doing the same – assessing all the oral cavity in a comprehensive approach.  As a result, when faced with a practice management issue in the business of dentistry, it’s important to take a more holistic approach before you begin treating what appears to be an obvious problem. There just might be more to it. Staffing and Team/Culture, Perio and Hygiene, Cash Flow and Finance, Scheduling and Patient Service . . .  these are all areas of the dental office that can present challenges and the function like dovetails with each other. When you look at the entire picture, your treatment planning for the business because much clearer.